Developer's Corner - New South Wales

Sydney S1, Ep1 - Michael Corcoran, Development Finance: What to do and how...
12 Sep 2017

Developers Corner sat down with Michael Corcoran, National President of the Urban Development Institute of Australia and Director of leading... Watch Now

Sydney S1, Ep2 - Peter Vines CBRE: Who's buying and what's selling ?
13 Sep 2017

Peter Vines, Director of CBRE Western Sydney discusses the uniqueness of the current state of play along with the opportunities and the outlook... Watch Now

Value Capture, what is it & why is it important ?
14 Sep 2017

Michael Corcoran of Solido Capital explains the importance of value capital and why its important for the future of our development... Watch Now

The year of adjustment - Peter Vines CBRE, Western Sydney
19 Sep 2017

Peter Vines explains how 2017 has been the year of adjustment and why we had to have it.  Like this video, watch the full version here:   Watch Now

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