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Century 21 Home Port - Hastings

2100 Frankston-Flinders Road Hastings VIC 3915


Century 21 may be the largest real estate company in the world and the most renowned brand out there, but we never compromise on our passion for delivering the greatest outcomes for our customers who purchase and sell real estate.

We've acquired a unique insight of how people desire to purchase, sell, and rent property thanks to our hundreds of offices throughout the world. It's our joy to share what we know and offer you the best advise we can, all while striving to make your experience one to remember.

We may be professionals, but we're completely at your disposal. Contact your local Century 21 location now if you want to use the services of a Century 21 real estate firm.

Our History

The Australian branch of Century 21's renowned global real estate network was established in July 1994 and has been run by the same Chairman and Owner, Charles Tarbey. Visit Charles Tarbey's profile page to discover more about his successful real estate career.

Prior to founding Century 21, Charles served as Chairman and Owner of Combined Real Estate Pty Ltd., bringing to Century 21 over 40 years of real estate expertise.

The concept of Charles Tarbey has been crucial in the development of Century 21's brand and underlies the network's famous ethos. We want to be the world's premier real estate firm, and we work tirelessly to guarantee that our loyal customers receive the outstanding service they deserve at all times.

Century 21 has built a solid reputation and established itself as one of the fastest-growing real estate networks in the Australasian area since 1994. In New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, and New Zealand, we have over 220 independently owned and run offices.

Being one of the most well-known brands in the industry entails a great deal of responsibility, which is why our network is subjected to such rigors training and ethical standards.

Century 21 is the most well-known worldwide real estate firm, and we work hard to ensure that individuals who buy, sell, or rent real estate via our network get the best possible outcomes.

Please contact your local Century 21 location to discover more about us and our history as a worldwide real estate firm.

Statement of Purpose

Century 21 will lead the transformation of the real estate sector in the twenty-first century, which will be driven by a "customer service mentality." Despite changing cities and new technologies, we are certain that our customer service culture will remain.

In all of its operations, the Century 21 System will exemplify not just professional real estate expertise, but also a commitment to honesty and responsiveness to every customer we have the honour of serving – and will be transparent, accessible, and knowledgeable.

This "service culture" will be promoted, integrated, and expected at all levels of our organisation, and no deviation from this high standard will be tolerated.

Our clients deserve and will receive the best service available in the real estate industry.

Please contact your local Century 21 location now to learn more about our working philosophy and mission statement.

Why should you go with Century 21?

People return to Century 21 because of our depth of experience and customer-focused service. We're real estate professionals who go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients.

We understand that many people who are trying to purchase or sell a home are anxious and confused at times. Agents from Century 21 will be there for you when you need them the most and will assist you in dealing with any difficult issues that may arise.

We're here to provide you with sound advice when you need it so you can take the most efficient route through the process.

We are familiar with the industry, buyers, sellers, and neighbourhoods, but most importantly, we understand how to prioritise our customers' requirements. Our cutting-edge sales tools and technology are here to make your path to your end destination easier and more direct. When you come to Century 21, you'll have complete control over your sale or purchase, and we'll work with you to get the greatest possible outcome.

Contact your local Century 21 location now to learn more about Century 21 and how we can assist you.

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Properties for sale by Century 21 Home Port - Hastings
Development Potential

Hastings, VIC 3915

Property Type
Land Area
3,175 m² (*approx)
Development Potential

French Island, VIC 3921

Property Type
Land Area
173.90 hectares (*approx)