In Conversation With: The Dynamic Deague Brothers - William & Jonathan
Posted by Development Ready on Dec 19, 2019

The Deague Group is a 160-year-old integrated property development company. Their long and illustrious history positions the Deague family as true pioneers as well as modern-day innovators within the Australian property development arena. Now firmly guided by its fifth generation, this family-operated business continues to be highly acclaimed and lauded across the property industry.

Trailblazing brothers William and Jonathan respectively hold the CEO and MD roles with their father and industry doyen, David as Chairman. While possibly best-known for their highly original Art Series Hotels, the Deague Group has numerous innovative and large-scale developments that keep it at the forefront of modern residential and commercial
projects. In addition, their property development activity is complemented by a collection of businesses including real estate, office management, work spaces and car parking.

We recently sat down with dynamic brothers William and Jonathon to explore how their family operation has sustained its commercial success. 

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