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Episode 17: Rob Wilson - Prime Square
Posted by Development Ready on Jan 18, 2019

In this week's episode we have Rob Wilson, Principal at Prime Square.

Show notes

01:14 - Introduction

01:59 - Who he is and what he does

03:02 - How he got started in real estate

04:59 - Prime Square and their focus

07:47 - Clientele

09:47 - Hotel acquisition

11:51 - Prime Square’s involvement and value

14:10 - Assessing hotel development sites

18:54 - Operator’s involvement in design

20:36 - Relationship between operators and developers

22:49 - Length of process

24:54 - Operator’s demands and goals

28:51 - How Airbnb has affected the sector

31:02 - The future of the sector

33:14 - Best advice; life or business

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