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Episode 16: Jon Purcell - Semz Advisory
Posted by Development Ready on Jan 18, 2019

In the Development Ready Podcast's latest episode, we hear TC Bakhour and Robert Langton discuss the current and future states of the property development market with Jon Purcell, Director of SEMZ Property Advisory and Project Management.

Through the episode's discussions you'll hear some of Jon's experiences in the sector, including his time working at Grocon, as well as his expertise relating to initial project feasibility studies, the structuring of joint ventures and project management.

Show notes

01:13 - Introduction

02:07 - What he does, how he got into property

04:23 - His time at Grocon, Crown Casino project

07:32 - SEMZ and how he started it

16:41 - SEMZ today and how the business has grown

18:59 - The current market and where it’s going

24:21 - How the process is different for each client

25:34 - Passion and philosophy

30:11 - Developers in today's market

34:17 - Build-to-Rent model, home ownership

38:04 - Biggest problems facing developers

40:09 - The future of the market and SEMZ

43:38 - Characteristics of a good development manager

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