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Episode 15: Kris Daff - Make Ventures
Posted by Development Ready on Jan 18, 2019

This week in the Development Ready Podcast, Rob Langton and TC Bakhour were joined by Kris Daff, Director of Make Ventures. This episode was incredibly insightful as Kris shared his broad and detailed experiences through the property development sector. Topics broached were Kris' movements from Docklands Authority to Evolve Developments, experiences with is Assemble venture and his views on and the exciting build-to-rent sector.

Show notes

01:48 - Introduction

02:40 - Who Kris is and what he does

03:51 - How he got into working in property

06:14 - His time at Docklands Authority

09:19 - The Docklands development

15:41 - Ashley Williams, Evolve Development

22:54 - Learnings from his time at Evolve

25:38 - Ron Walker and his involvement at Evolve

28:43 - Greenfield development

31:57 - Make Ventures

38:15 - Socially responsible development

41:40 - Assemble & their partnership with ANZ bank

49:12 - Inspiration for the Assemble business model

52:50 - Assemble’s pilot project

01:02:43 - Community focus, tenant retention, risk

01:10:47 - Future of Assemble

01:15:39 - Marketing, how his companies stand out

01:18:32 - What it takes to excel in development

01:21:31 - Best piece of advice, life or business

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