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We’re ratio: a team of planners, urban designers, traffic engineers, and waste management planning consultants. For over 30 years we have played a key role in shaping communities that sustain the needs of a growing population while being mindful of the built environment, the natural landscape and a sense of place. Our multi-disciplinary team of more than 70 highly-skilled people delivers innovative solutions to a rapidly changing urban environment. We’re truly independent, delivering high quality advice that achieves commercially successful outcomes while balancing urban evolution and social needs.

Quite simply, we’re the best at what we do because we uphold a company-wide philosophy of providing an ethical, innovative and all-inclusive service that addresses complex issues surrounding population growth, urban renewal and community aspirations. Our team thrives on the positive results we have accomplished for a diverse range of clients on a vast variety of projects. Crucial to these successes is our understanding of the nuances and complexities of variable planning schemes, guidelines and the diverse objectives of all tiers of government.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and adaptable, and we listen to our clients. No matter what scale, we approach every project with a goal to drive the process and deliver the best possible outcome. We problem solve, influence decisions and get results. We really care about how our cities evolve while at the same time are driven by achieving the very best outcomes for our clients.

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