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Founded by Matthew Maher in 2014, Build It Services is a specialist consulting firm in the property development and construction sector. We offer support, expertise and advice across a range of disciplines to ensure that your projects are streamlined, stay within budget and are delivered on time. Our extensive, nation-wide experience affords a unique and current perspective, which has proved invaluable to our clients in this rapidly evolving industry. We untangle the mess, explain the confusing and uncover the best practice, saving our clients stress and money. We’re your guide through and through.

Some of the services that we extend to our clients include; development property acquisition, project management, projects BOQs and estimating, construction and design, and carpentry constructions. These expertise have been developed and perfected over the 20 year of onsite experience from running Carpentry and Construction Companies into Management for some of Melbourne’s most Iconic Builders.  

Further to this and encompassed within our organisation, is our registered building arm, which specialises in custom designed homes and town house developments. Through Build It Services we tackle all manner of residential development projects, including new-builds, Knock Down – Re Builds, renovations and swimming pools.

Previous Jobs

18 Thomas Street, Brighton

8 Thomas Street, Brighton

112 Mitford Street, Elwood

21 Broadway, Elwood

12 Henry Street, Brighton

1 Kingsley St, Elwood


Matt from Build It Services completed out new home in such a professional and hgh quality level. They had great trades and everyone on site was so helpful with ideas. - Karan

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