the week that was - 27 july

the week that was - 27 july

July 2018
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The week that was - 27 July

Hello All,

One of the exciting elements of our industry is that each week there is always an opportunity for us to learn and develop our thinking and share new ways of doing things we hadn’t previously thought possible - a new method of structuring a development, a new way to market a project, a new understanding of the intricacies within the planning code.

Land value increases thanks to rezoning

A theme that emerged this week in the press was zoning regulations and how important they are to the entire industry.

It’s been reported that Australia’s population is set to increase over the next 30 years by 11.8 million people. Rezoning of certain geographic spaces is inevitable, and because of this, some individuals have been able to increase the value of their land by tens of million dollars from rezoning alone.

In our feature article we discuss some case studies that have been able to achieve significant land value increases quite recently. Read more about this here.

In a follow-up article, we decided to drill down into the zoning codes, the bodies that govern them and where to go to learn how they might effect your next project. This article is well worth the time reading - there is much to be gained in forming a greater understanding of the workings of zoning codes.

'Moving North' Blake Goddard & Elliot O'Shea - Interview

You'll also find in this episode from our podcast, TC and Rob sat down with Blake Goddard & Elliot O'Shea from JLL to contrast the Brisbane metropolitan market with that of other markets across the East Coast - and how developers are able to capitalise on these differences. 

Know the industry, know your product

We saw some fantastic new plots of land come on the market this week too. Sometimes it is easy to dismiss an opportunity because at first glance it doesn't appear to have anything to offer. The best property developers however have a different lens; they see beyond what is currently offered and find the value yet to be realised. 

But it all starts with knowledge, and to me, knowledge is strength. 

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend ahead, 

All the best,
 Nick Materia, Founder, Development Ready