The Week That Was - 10 August

The Week That Was - 10 August

August 2018
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The Week That Was - 10 August

Hello All,

Looking back over the past seven days, I'd have to say that it has generally been a week of good news. A lot of positive outlooks, some strong forecasts and a particularly special set of development sites along the East Coast. 

For those yet to join
As many of you may already be aware, we've commenced working with some of Australia's leading agencies to develop a weekly newsletter dedicated solely to off-market development sites for sale. 

This is your opportunity to see behind the curtain and gain access to development sites that are kept from public view.

Student housing demand set for continued growth
The Knight Frank student housing report revealed some very interesting figures that we were able to capture and discuss in our feature article this week. 

This is an area of growth that is not only significant to the property development sector, but to the entire Australian economy. Universities now obtain (on average) around 20% of their revenue from foreign students and have almost doubled enrolments in the past decade. While many developers are moving to meet this demand, Knight Frank foresees that the forecasted supply levels will be unable to catch up - this is a particularly interesting space to watch moving forward - read more here. 

First-home buyers to offset potential dip
Recent ABS housing finance data suggests that the share of first-home buyers among owner-occupier loans, is the highest it has been since 2012. 

They are coming to the fore, and it is to the benefit of the property market. In the face of prudential controls passed down by APRA and other governing bodies, investors are sitting on the sidelines. Many speculate that any dip in the market as a result will be offset by owner-occupiers as they use a less competitive market space to keep prices flat. Read more here. 

A focus on the customer - ‘Spiro Skiadopoulos Interview’
We believe that focussing on the customer, through any development project, is intrinsically linked to success. In this podcast episode, Spiro eloquently articulates why this subject is so critical within a project marketing context.

The benefits of keeping the client and the end user in mind are incredibly far-reaching - Spiro spoke with TC and Rob about his experiences and shared with our audience valuable insights for developers of all levels.

So through a week that brought much positivity to the team and I at Development Ready, I hope you were able to share in the good times - and that you let them roll. 

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend ahead, 

All the best,
Nick Materia, Founder, Development Ready

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