perth skyline heading for a dramatic change

perth skyline heading for a dramatic change

April 2017
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Perth skyline heading for a dramatic change

It’s time for the citizens of Perth to move onwards and upwards—literally.

It appears the capital city is poised for major renovations, with an estimated 60 high-rise buildings in development in the greater Perth area. Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi and Chief Executive Officer Marion Fulker of the Committee for Perth are optimistic that the real estate projects signal a newer, more lucrative age for the Western Australia capital, one that will see an increase in the inner-city population and a rise in economic activity. 

Similarly, Chief Executive Officer Allison Hailes of the Urban Development Institute of Australia noted that, despite a recent downturn in the Perth economy, the Perth real estate market is expected to “improve in the next year or two” as eastern cities overflow and savvy buyers begin looking to the west. Ms. Scaffidi likewise indicates that an upward expansion (namely the addition of several high-rise hotels and residences) could be just the thing to inject new blood into the metropolis.

With so many development officials keeping their eyes on the skies, the upcoming plan promises to give the Perth skyline a full facelift. Building blueprints awaiting city council approval include a 62-storey tower that will offer apartments and hotel rooms and will stand at an estimated 249.5 metres. And that’s only the beginning. 

Thirty structures are reportedly slated for construction in central Perth and Northbridge alone, many of which will no doubt alter the silhouette of the city. History teaches us that not every approved development ends up being built—still, Perthians should be on the lookout for big changes in the coming years.

Image: City of Perth