What shape will your business be in when we get to the other side?
Posted by Development Ready on Apr 06, 2020

Development Ready, like all businesses around the globe, has felt the impact of the COVID-19 virus. With over one third of the entire world population administered to a form of isolation or lock-down, we are entering an unprecedented period of economic confusion with uncertainty awaiting us all on the horizon. But every dark night is followed by a dawn.

It may come from your partner, your colleague or someone at the supermarket, but you’ll no doubt often hear at the end of some positive parlance “…when we get to the other side of this”. ‘The other side’ is hopeful and aspirational – but it may also be deceitful. There’s a temptation to wait for ‘the other side’ to arrive.

Well we’re not waiting, and we don’t think you should be either.

Maintaining Momentum
At Development Ready, we have not slowed down. Our team are hard at it, working diligently from a distance to continue implementing new marketing strategies and introducing fresh innovative products. Importantly, we’re consistently talking to our client Agents and developers at the coalface to garner daily market insights.

Tasmania & ACT
We have maintained our momentum and in the last three weeks have successfully launched Development Ready in Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory. Be sure to review the new development and investment opportunities in these two burgeoning markets.

Live Off-Market Forum
We’ll soon be launching an Australia-First, Off-Market Listing Platform, which will allow agents to connect with active developers and development groups in an off-market playground – stay tuned!

Much More Video Content
We’re also investing more energy in Video, bringing you interviews face to face with the industry’s most insightful experts (catch our latest episode with highly articulate and insightful Matthew Hyder of Legacy Property here The humble and hungry Illan Samuel | Samuel Property

Getting ‘Battle Ready’
Relevant to the current environment, Harold Mitchell, founder of Australia’s largest media buying agency - Mitchell & Partners, penned in a piece detailing the opportunity to be found during the industry wide summer-break. “Work on getting ‘battle ready’ while everyone else works on their tan”.

Keep Professionally Energetic
A few hurdles may have appeared in your path, but their presence serves only to show you how much you really want what you’re seeking.

  • Service your existing clients and remain ‘front of mind’ – your future self will thank you for this
  • Upskill yourself and broaden your expertise
  • Take advantage of the numerous webinars with industry professionals that you can sit in on
  • Plan, strategize, and plan again – in every market downturn there are an abundance of new opportunities. Can you be the first to see what others are yet to?
  • What isn’t the market doing that it should be? – now is the perfect timing to get a jump on everyone else
  • Stop watching Netflix – even if The Tiger King releases a second season

Over the next three months, Development Ready anticipates that numerous strong buying opportunities will come to market. 2020 itself is going to be one of the most memorable years in property development history and will possibly re-define the norm. The motivated, will tell stories of their triumphs, the apathetic will become a statistic. What shape will you be in when we get to the other side?

Keep on keeping on, and best wishes. 

Nick Materia
Founder & CEO 

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