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Divulging the Keys to Transformer Homes’ Success
Posted by Development Ready on Jul 17, 2020

Divulging the Keys to Transformer Homes’ Success

As founding partners of construction firm Transformer Homes, Mark Gagliardi and Aaron Chand attest that they have figured out the key to delivering successful residential projects. The pair commenced their careers, as a carpenter and electrician respectively, more than 20 years ago and after crossing paths multiple times across multiple projects, decided a new standard needed to be set in Melbourne’s north-west.

“We founded Transformer Homes in 2010 because we wanted to offer a personal and trusted service to Melbourne’s residential re-development sector; something that we weren’t seeing much of at the time and I would argue that the sector still lacks a great deal of today.” Mark discussed with Development Ready recently.

“The bond between Aaron Chand and I grew organically across several years after working together as contractors on various projects. We enjoyed the on-site banter and discussed regularly the poor workmanship we unfortunately saw often around us and the designs and projects that went wrong. We both had a similar work ethic but a different set of skills, so taking the step to go out on our own seemed like a natural calling.”

Transformer Homes initially commenced works as a renovation business, breathing new life into old run-down homes. Over the years, this naturally evolved into a custom-building operation offering a range of services and capabilities that fall within four fundamental pillars; Custom Home Building, Pre-Designed Homes, Dual Occupancy, and Renovations.

“As the name suggests, our initial goal was to help people achieve their dreams through the rejuvenation or transformation of existing dwellings. After some time however, we thought we could expand our offering; but the philosophy has always remained the same,” Aaron Chand stated.

“Our approach back then, as it is now, is to be transparent and balanced at all times. There’s a focus on affordability but not to the detriment of reliability – and we’re determined to maintain a healthy relationship with the client, suppliers and trades people.”

The dynamic pair say that their method could be likened to that of buying a car. At the top end, you have models that are built well, but come with an overly inflated price tag as a result of some idolised notion of prestige. At the other end of the spectrum are economic but highly unreliable vehicles that inevitably disappoint after a short while. Transformer Homes endeavours to find the balance.
“What sets us aside from the many builders out there vying for the same work is that we like to be professional but honest, straightforward but compassionate. We deliver on our promises and build a ‘zero ego’ policy with everyone we deal with. It’s an integral part of our culture,” Mark added.

“Homes can be built any number of ways, but we firmly believe that ‘satisfaction’ is the key to a strong business. Whether it’s the tradespeople we work with, or the clients we are working for, we’re striving to ensure that everyone remains happy with the project from start to finish. Happy with the budget, happy with the physical final result and of course happy with all personal interactions.
“Ultimately, we achieve this high level of satisfaction across the board by adhering to our professional mantra - ‘Together We Build’.”

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