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Leigh Kelepouris is recognised for getting things done, and the results are always impressive. When you appoint Leigh as your agent, his methodical approach, self-assured personality, and tireless efforts all ensure that the arrangement is carried out correctly. This is done by initially agreeing on what you as a consumer require, and Leigh will likely guarantee that you remember his administration for the desired reasons throughout the engagement. Solid foundations, as well as first-rate inside information about the space, back up Leigh's achievements in the land. Early on, he began cultivating this understanding by accompanying his father and uncle (all realtors) to Saturday barters, learning about property and how it is a particularly amazing resource. This is his home turf, from his youth in Oakleigh and Chadstone to his schooling in Hughesdale and college at Monash. Leigh attributes Monash rural regions' strong development to the fact that they are family-friendly while also having enough food and nightlife to keep one entertained and the world's greatest shopping meccas to keep the glitter in your (or your partner's) eyes alive. Since joining Ray White Oakleigh in 2013, Leigh has steadily progressed to his current position, using years of experience in sales, marketing, and projects, where he honed his talents and creativity in elevating companies and products to give them an advantage. He is an avowed straight shooter and a somewhat compulsive worker. He has a lovely personality and is an excellent mediator for his customers.
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Surrey Hills, VIC 3127

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930 m² (*approx)
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