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Tristian Kennedy

Tristian Kennedy isn't far from achieving his goals. Furthermore, an influx of high-end property agreements sees this Ray White Norwood expert unit murmur along, creating a pattern of enthusiasm in this current specialist's eyes. His fire is fuelled by the energy; it burns inside the office and, more than likely, down your street. Tristian's land purchase was only a matter of time. He's focusing accessible as a dedicated Buyer Manager and Sales Consultant by his own doing, with a father in property development, a brother inland, and a social and systems administration soul. Leads are gold to him, and he values them; they may make the difference between finding another house for a franticly searching buyer or getting a posting. Both the existing and new owners are pleased with the outcome. He'll also be there whether you flip the key first or last. As a first-time home buyer, he quickly connects with this group; but, in an ideal world, he would work with everyone. The research, the investigation, and the fine-tuning. It's no strain for the future meet-ups, gatherings, and point-by-point reporting. Tristian maintains the warm bonds, explores the residences, and keeps an eye out for your reward. Property.
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Properties for sale by Tristian Kennedy
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Enfield, SA 5085

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Land Area
770 m² (*approx)
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